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Bonetti Campers are the only parts stockist for KEA Campervans, 4WD Campers and Motorhomes in Australia, along with extensive insight and understanding of these vehicles.

Bonetti Campers was established in 2012 by Stefano Bonetti. Stefano is a qualified Swiss Master Mechanic and started his life in Australia with KEA Campers as their National Fleet and Operations Manager, and during his 5 year tenure he learned the end to end process of camper and motorhome manufacturing, repair and conversions.

Stefano’s passion is off-road vehicles of all sizes and shapes, and whilst he loved the KEA Conqueror he also understood it’s weaknesses and made it his mission to build a superior conversion for the Toyota Troopy. Stefano is very excited to present his Toyota CRUISINATOR , which is a pop top conversion that excels everything seen worldwide. It’s a parallel pop top, with the bed above the drivers and passenger seats, the widest available, which is 1.45 m wide and 2.10m long. The interior is designed to give the best comfort and allow great storage and usability.

In addition to the CRUSINATOR, Bonetti Campers repair and maintain the ex KEA Campers and any other Slide-on, Campervan, Motorhome or Caravan. They have a very loyal customer base from all over Australia who are happy to come up to the Sunshine Coast to get repairs and servicing done. At Bonetti Campers they perform upgrades on the battery, chargers, management and solar systems, modify lighting, modify and replace cabinetry and wheel allignment. They can also assist with spring upgrades, tires and many things more.

Depending on the owner’s needs, the Toyota vehicle will be converted to customer specifications, with options of:

  • Lithium Batteries system EZA 80
  • 1 or more Solar panels
  • Pressurised hot water system (heat exchanger /12V or 240V)
  • Outside shower system
  • Dual-zone fridge freezer 75l
  • Toilet system
  • a variation of awnings and shades
  • LED lighting for the inside and outside

Bonetti Campers will be bringing their Crusinator Pop Top conversion for all Toyota Land Cruiser Series 70 Troop Carriers, and more, to the 2019 Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping, Boating and 4×4 Expo !