In Australia, Isuzu Trucks has been the No.1 selling truck brand for over 30 years. At the end of 2020 Isuzu hit 32 consecutive years! Unparalleled by any other manufacturer. Armed with a vast range of product, a reputation of reliability and a proactive approach to the market place, Isuzu has continued to dominate.

Part of this success over the past decades is the growth of the ‘Ready to Work’ product range, most would be familiar with trucks like the Factory Tipper and Tradepack.

Brisbane Isuzu has expanded on this range producing many ‘Ready to Work’ products of their own, utilising a number of Isuzu Cab Chassis’ as the base. Over the past 2 years Brisbane Isuzu has utilised the NPS 4×4 Chassis to develop some exciting 4×4 machines suitable for everything from worksites to camp sites, appealing to a very broad market.

We are often finding that the dual cab ute options, particularly in the trade and construction segment, are simply not big enough, they don’t have the space to fit required equipment or have a payload to suit. However, the need and want for a 4×4 dual cab for weekend camping trips or heading up the beach with the family, is still high on the list. Essentially a dual-purpose vehicle. That’s where the NPS 75-155 4×4 Crew comes in. A tough, versatile work truck with generous space offerings both inside the cab and on the tray, larger payloads, and the ability to customise and produce a purpose-built vehicle.

Brisbane Isuzu have developed a number of offerings in this range, starting with a base model 4×4 crew cab, fitted with 3.6m alloy tray body and drop-sides, custom winch compatible Bullbar and a set of 37” super single tyres. This model can easily be upgraded with custom canopy, winch, tow gear, lighting, suspension seats and even fridges, the list is endless.

Another option for those who want to explore this great country is the Isuzu NPS 75-155 4×4 in a single cab with tray body and removeable camper. Again, this vehicle can be used as the weekly work truck, but when you want to get away this truck is fitted with 37” super singles and Bullbar, just load on the camper and go anywhere you please! You can head out into the roughest conditions, yet still have all the comforts of the Palomino camper SS1251. This camper ticks all the boxes including queen bed, shower and toilet, fridge/freezer, deep cycle batteries, gas, awning and so much more!

Among many other projects, we are in the completion stage of an exciting new Isuzu 4×4 product development, this exploration vehicle will be the one that stands out from the pack. This will be the first release under Windsor Projects. We can’t give too much away just yet, but for those looking for the ultimate work /play vehicle make sure you visit the Brisbane Isuzu stand at the Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping, Boating and 4×4 Expo.