Authorisation to sign for and accept delivery of goods

Please note: No deliveries accepted prior to the Wednesday immediately preceding the event.

Moreton Bay Expo- Authorisation to sign for and accept delivery of goods

  • This document must be submitted 10 days prior to the event, but deadlines do apply. All pick-ups after the event must happen before 10am Monday
  • Redcliffe Showgrounds. Lamington Drive, Redcliffe Qld 4020. (Enter lane behind Hockey Club).

General conditions for Australian Events to accept deliveries on behalf of exhibitors

  • 1. Goods can only be delivered or collected on gazetted bump in and bump out days within the nominated exhibitor operational times. Refer to the information sent to you on the event in question for those times. 2. Not all venues have undercover storage facilities and in some cases if goods have to go to a boothed inside display area the boothing may not be complete. In this case if there is a large amount of equipment and or product being delivered that requires excessive double handling a charge will apply. 3. The exhibitor understands that if the delivery items are not weather proof wrapped and the site is an outdoor site then it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that cover is provided prior to delivery. Also for indoor sites not all venues have undercover loading areas so it is important that goods are wrapped and weather proof. 4. Forklift charges. Australian Events provide a free basic unload and load service with a time limit of 10 minutes only which allows for a lift off and placement (maximum 2 pallets). Complicated or extensive unloading and loading times will incur charges that will need to be payable on site by cash or credit card when the exhibitor arrives on site. After the basic 10 minute period, a minimum charge of $ 60-00 per half hour plus GST will apply. 5. The goods being delivered MUST HAVE the following information on the delivery docket on the goods being delivered ; (a) The name of the exhibiting company which MUST match the name under which the exhibitor site was booked (b) the exhibitor site number and (c) the contact name for that company along with their mobile phone number. 6. All goods need to be packaged and wrapped correctly to avoid dislodgement during transit. Situations that involve Australian Staff being involved in securing loads or stabilising loads prior to or during unloading or loading will incur a minimum handling fee of $ 50-00 plus GST.
  • We hereby authorise Australian Events to sign for and accept delivery of items addressed to our company for the above event in line with the general conditions of acceptance as detailed below. We understand that Australian Events will not take responsibility for loss or damage to the goods and that they will simply be accepting delivery of the goods prior to our arrival and placing the goods in storage (space permitting). Please contact the onsite administrator for release of deliveries.