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Do you find your caravan, boat or camper trailer could use a little more power when it comes to towing? If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle at the 2019 Moreton Bay Expo, check out the new Chevrolet Silverado in all its glory at the Village Motors’ site !

The Silverado brags a maximum towing weight of 5.89 tonnes using a pintle hitch or similar, meaning it will make light work of most towing jobs it is tasked with. Not only does the Chevrolet Silverado have the power under the hood, but step inside and you’ll experience the luxury of a premium vehicle, powered by a Duramax 6.6L V8 turbo-diesel engine that produces 332KW and 1234 torque.

Internally is where the Silverado takes it up a gear when compared to other towing vehicles. The leather finish on the seats, steering wheel, and a 8” HD touchscreen with BOSE sound system, and a dual zone climate control, all add to the Silverado’s ‘luxury’ reputation.

See and experience what the Chevrolet Silverado has to offer at the 2019 Moreton Bay Expo, it may just be what you’ve been looking for. Village Motors will be on site OS365 at the Redcliffe Showgrounds, from February 15 – 17 !