Fantasy Caravan is one of the best caravan manufacturers in Melbourne, Victoria, with a huge range of campers and caravans. Fantasy Caravan offers the very best in off-road trailers and caravans; whatever you are looking for they can do it!

Fantasy Caravan have some of the best camper trailers and caravans in the market. Their caravans are fully galvanized, versatile and long lasting, built to cope with the harsh weather of Australia. Fantasy Caravan are proud of their hybrid off-road caravans, which have a perfect mixture of luxury, strength, quality, durability, and all of this at a reasonable price.

Their high-quality hybrid caravan comes with a bunk bed, hot water, toilet, drinking water and even external and internal storage. Fantasy Caravan are renowned for making hybrid camper trailers that take care of even the minor details, and as-a-result created a product that is light and durable. With their off-road trailers, you never have to compromise on relaxation as they are very easy to set up. Everything has been designed according to the Australian standards. The hybrid off-road caravan comforts you as a caravan and boosts you with the confidence to go off-road camping. It is specially made to withstand the corrosive pressure of livestock discharge and provide rust resistance, so you need not worry about it even if it is prone to scraping the surface under heavy use, therefore leading to longevity in the long term.

Fantasy Caravan offers you the best quality in camper trailers and caravans. Their camper trailer is great for enjoying holidays or even weekend escapes, and are popular throughout Australia. These hybrid trailers are specially made for off-roading to give you peace of mind where others fail. They can be used for camping, picnics or other leisure activities. Moreover, they are light in weight so even the small vehicles can pull it, but if your vehicle is a 4X4 you can reach even the most difficult terrains.

Fantasy Caravan have a wide variety of options in caravans. They have many models made exactly for your needs. These caravan models include the bunk model, shower model and bunk and shower models in one. They also deal with hot dip galvanized trailers. These pop top caravans are a perfect companion during the holiday season. Some of the features include its heavy duty with storage compartments, air conditioning, and stainless steel. Their off-road hybrid caravan also includes roll-out awnings, external kitchen, pop top, and single beds.

Fantasy Caravan’s caravans tend to have better longevity and endurance for about 20 to 30 years. Moreover, it requires less maintenance than other caravans. It is totally safe, and complies with the Australian Standard of safety to provide you with extra peace of mind. They also provide you with the Australian compliance plate. Time and time again customers provide positive feedback and compliments, which makes Fantasy Caravan’s job a particular pleasure.

Across Australia, customers appreciate the low price and better quality when it comes to reviewing Fantasy Caravan. Working accordingly with the Australian Design Regulation and Australian Safety Standards, Fantasy Caravan offers a sense of safety when buying their caravans and camper trailers. They offer the cheapest and most reliable off-road caravan in the market and are proud to sell high-quality trailers at the lower price, which meets the needs of their customers.

Overall, their off-road trailers have the best price in the market. If you are looking for caravans for sale, don’t look any further. Their friendly staff will help you find the right product for your needs. Just visit the team at the 2021 Moreton Bay Expo on site OA150 for the best deal in the market, including camper trailer packages.