Jigging Lures are Australian made soft plastic lures, designed to suit the needs of any angler, and can be used in fresh and salt water, estuary, wherever the angler wants to cast a line.

The Jigging Lures range is vast. From 2” Jigging Mini Paddle Tail with a natural swimming action mimicking the movement of bait to 5” Jigging Jumbo Exo Paddle Tail with a bulbous ribbed body shape and an assertive tail flicking action. Jigging Lures currently have 10 different styles in production. Furthermore, there are over 20 colours available for each lure style, offering the angler variety to both either “match the hatch” and to suit water and weather conditions.

Jigging Lures soft plastics are handmade using an injection mould method and the process to produce one colour range can take up to 3 hours, hence, the motto “made with passion”.

Jigging Lures, whilst new in the provision of soft plastic lures, have a vision not only to make fishing more exciting but also to be a first-choice lure when casting. The range of styles has grown since inception with research and development continuing to ensure extension of styles continues. One of the interesting facts of the Jigging Lures selection is that each colour is named after a food source so choosing a colour can create a pang of hunger!


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