Ride Electric North Brisbane is a family owned Electric Scooter, Bike, Skateboard and Accessories store in Sutton Street, Redcliffe. It is soon to stock electric one-wheelers and electric unicycles. Basically, if it is going to get you around with no emissions using electric power, they will have it in store. They also stock all the accessories you could wish for to “pimp your ride,” as well as everything to keep you well protected while riding.

They have highly motivated mechanics that can service and fix your rides, all while offering great customer service. They offer amazing test rides along the foreshore of the Redcliffe Peninsula and have a 15km social Calamari Chips Cruise every Sunday as part of their Ride Electric Social Group events. This is where potential customers can have a decent test ride of the items they are interested in and enjoy the social aspect of riding with other enthusiasts, with a stop for some Calamari or Fish and Chips at the famous Morgan’s Seafood.

Store owners Corine and Mitchel are massive scooter enthusiasts. They bought their first scooters in February 2020 and were forced to upgrade within two months after getting some incorrect advice as to which scooter would suit their needs. They chose to go back to the wholesaler, Ride Electric Burleigh, as opposed to the store of purchase, and there they were given the best customer service they had ever experienced.

After speaking to Ian, the wholesaler, quite a few times, an instant friendship was formed. Ian could see the passion Mitchel & Corine had for scooting and getting the right info out to the scooter community, so he planted a seed by asking if they would be interested in opening a shop on the North Side of Brisbane stocking his Scooters and Bikes, and the rest is history.
They have had the shop for 12 weeks and have now developed a love for all PEVs (Plug-in Electric Vehicles) and have sourced some local suppliers of skateboards, one wheelers and unicycles.

They are very passionate to help people make the right decisions and offer all the help they can to ensure your ride goes smoothly, every time.

You will find Corine and Mitchel in store 7 days a week, but if by chance you miss them, they’re likely out riding, which they do with every spare moment they have.

You can find Ride Electric North Brisbane on site OA321 during the 2021 Moreton Bay Expo.