Noel and Irene at Tailgate Campers have a team of expert welders, fabricators and assemblers who work together to create a quality Australian made camper you will be proud to own, and to keep for a very, very long time. They know this because for the last 10 years there has hardly been a 2nd hand Tailgate Camper available!

Noel and Irene themselves have been exploring our beautiful parks and outback areas of Australia together for more than 30 years. Living in Goorambat, Victoria, they feel so lucky to have the Victorian High Country as their backyard.

Noel started out as a farmer, but his real love has always been his workshop where amongst other things he has built portable yards, trailers, campers and laser graders. Designing and building the ultimate slide-on camper for their ‘Empty Nester’ travels was a natural progression. Noel planned for this slide-on to be lightweight, fuel efficient and use every inch of space efficiently. A camper he can take anywhere in Australia. Irene wanted the camper to be comfortable and practical. Due to her ongoing back issues it needed to have minimal stairs. She wanted everything accessible and setting up and packing away needed to be a breeze. The camper also need to be packed and ready to go anytime she had a chance to get Noel away. Noel’s Tailgate Camper design provided the ideal solution for all these design requirements.

So, in 2008 Tailgate Campers was created. By popular demand it soon become available to all those who enjoy the Australian outback – camping, 4wding, bushwalking or fishing as much as Noel and Irene do. More than 10 years later they still have the same original design. They continue to make great improvements both in the quality of the product and the innovative new features.

If you choose Tailgate Campers you can be assured of a quality Australian made product which has a full 5 year structural warranty. Their campers are built on the premises from the ground up. They fabricate and assemble each component with skill and attention to detail. Together with their customers, Tailgate Campers have been tested in the most extreme 4WD conditions for more than a decade.

The fully welded tubular frame ensures maximum strength. Stainless steel fittings and fasteners are chosen for their strength and non-corrosive properties. Quality components are used throughout. Tailgate Campers use Australian made Dynaproof canvas which is made for Australia’s harsh conditions and proven to last. They even cater for the most important part of camping. Sleeping. With the best range of mattresses available and you guessed it – they’re Aussie made too! Their campers are fully powder coated. This very durable and attractive finish prevents the ‘aging’ look that is typical of raw aluminium. It also keeps the camper cooler.

Tailgate Campers take great pride in providing the best possible personalised experience for their customers from the moment you contact them and well beyond the day that you drive home with your new camper.

Talk to them in person at the Moreton Bay Expo, site OA406.


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